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Toronto, I have a problem…

January 2, 2010

Some would say I have a mild obsession – that obsession is with FOOD.  It’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up (“what am I going to have for breakfast”) and my last thought before I go to bed (“I shouldn’t have eaten so much today”).   When I’m not thinking about food, I am cooking it, reading about it, consuming it (Exhibit A – I’m shoveling back my lunch at this very moment) or talking about it.   No matter the topic, I manage to bring almost every conversation back to my favourite subject…food.   It’s impressive, actually. 

I am also passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and thank goodness for that.  Being a health nut helps keep things in check despite my love affair with food.  I spend a lot of time working out (admittedly so I can eat whatever my little heart desires) and researching wellness and nutrition in its various forms.   To sum it up – I need to know what I’m putting in my body + how to shake it off.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a few (wink, wink) food-related tidbits – everything from recipes to restaurants to fitness regimens to nutrition tips.  Some of which I’ll share (albeit unsolicited) with my friends and family.  Others simply get highlighted in a book or dog-eared in my magazines.  Most of this stuff gets filed away, or more accurately lost, somewhere in this brain of mine which is about explode from overload. 

So for my sanity and that of my loved ones, I decided to take the advice of a few people and get my research down on “paper”.  While I’m at it, I will make this repertoire of foodie tidbits visible for all to see…and digest.  This will become my holding tank for everything a health-nut / foodie could want. 

I have a lot to say…so I hope you’re hungry.

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