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Elimination Diet – Day #5 (Whole Foods, my savior)

March 14, 2010

Right now, I’m nestled between 2 people on my flight back to Toronto [this was written 24 hours ago] and just devoured the veggie concoction I threw together at Whole Foods’ salad bar this morning.  One thing I love about Seattle is that Whole Foods seems to be within a 5km radius no matter where you are.  For those unfamiliar, Whole Foods is the “largest retailer of organic and natural foods” – essentially a grocery store which caters to the health-minded.

Call me crazy, but I paid my taxi driver some extra cash to stop there en route to the airport so I could refuel for the long trek home.  In one of their takeaway containers, I piled in a bunch of greens: kale, spinach, lightly STEAMED broccoli (they get a pat on the back for not over cooking it) and a piece of chili glazed salmon.  As mentioned, I’m a grazer – I like a little bit (or a lot) of everything.  And Whole Foods gets an “A” for their salad bar. 


The salmon was a tad overcooked and cold, so it gets a “B-“.  If I had access to an oven, it would have been much better I’m sure.  I quickly scanned the aisles for Elimination Diet friendly ‘treats’ to take on the flight.  All I came up with were gluten-free LARABARs and Lundberg’s Koku Seaweed rice cakes.  These are the rice cakes I’ve been eating for breakfast in the mornings with almond or cashew butter.  

Lundberg Rice Cakes

Lundberg Rice Cakes


I normally try to avoid packaged goods, but the guys at LARABAR get it, with no more than 8 ingredientsper bar (all of which I can pronounce) .   Plus they’re organic, gluten-free, dairy-free AND tasty.  TIP:  save a few bucks and pick up a box of 12 (mixed flavours) at Costco.  You can thank me later 🙂  

Back to the flight…I’ve got 5 hours to go and I’m itching for something to distract me from the Pringles and cookies floating by.  The movie selection was poor, so I continued to search enRoute TV.  Then there it was – the Health & Wellness category!  Pretty sure I’m one of very few passengers that get excited about the Health Channel.  I spent the next hour watching clips on the topics of FAT and SUGAR, and taking notes.  Who would have thought I’d learn a few things from Air Canada, whose “healthy” in-flight menu is limited to packaged apples with caramel or salted cashews.   I pass on these tips to you in the post “Fat is our friend“.   Sugar will follow. 

Well, I’m pleased (and surprised) to announce that I survived the trip to Seattle and didn’t fall off the Elimination Diet train while I was there.  I had a couple close calls with the m&m cookies, the wine, the heavy apps, but I managed to hang on for 2.5 days.  Knowing that I had you to report to was part of the motivation, so thanks!


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