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Ladies & Gents, we have a winner…

April 6, 2010

The votes from the survey are in and my blog finally has an official name!      

The creative juices were clearly flowing based on a some of the suggestions I received.  To name a few:  

  • Blog Bites
  • Scrumptious Scribbles
  • Me, Myself and Kale
  • Food Passion by Danielle

Yet in the end, there was one that prevailed (according to 70% of you ).    

The winner?   Drum roll please…

Me. Myself. And Food. 🙂

I wasted no time putting your recommendation into action, and this morning while enjoying breakfast was born.   The address will also get you here.  These will permanently replace the former long-winded website address that very few could remember (I won’t bother painfully repeating it).  

Just a quick thank you to everyone for sharing your 2 cents on the name.   Another big thanks for following me on my food journey over the past 3 months, embracing my quirkiness and reconfirming that all of this rambling is actually valuable.  

 There’s much more to come, so I hope you’re still hungry!

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