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I have a confession…

May 23, 2010

I had 3 (tiny) glasses of wine this week.  

My naturopath made it loud and clear that wine, despite all of its benefits, is to be avoided during this never-ending Elimination Diet.  However, I might sneak this one by her.  I don’t think she reads my blog so this is our little secret, ok? 

If Dr. Gill does catch wind of this, I have a legitimate excuse for giving into to the peer pressure.   This week I had something to celebrate!

In case you haven’t read Dave’s comment from yesterday, where he stole my thunder (I forgive you Dave), the big news is this…Keith and I bought a (town) house!   As of July 23rd, we are going to be residents of the up & coming Leslieville!     

Moments after we signed the offer!

It's a done deal!

In my world, celebrations and drinking wine go hand-in-hand.   On this “diet” I’ve accepted drinking my glass of water even wine is present, but this was a big moment.  We had something to celebrate on 3 occasions and wine was a necessity. 

  • Once with Keith’s father and sister after we won the bidding war on Tuesday night. We headed across the street from our new home for dinner at Baldini’s RestaurantMight I add, one of the best restaurants hands-down when it comes to service.  I will post my review shortly.
  • Once with my parents last night.  They donated their Saturday to helping us get our condo prepped for selling.  Packing, scrubbing floors and powerwashing windows.  Having a glass of wine with them made my Italian father smile.
  • Once with our new east-end neighbours, Arlene and Lawren.  We were celebrating our move  to Leslieville prematurely over dinner at Table 17.  

There are a number of things I LOVE about our new place.  As I should, given our nauseating investment:)

The space – Lots of room to entertain, cook up a storm, and store my countless magazines and recipes.  Having 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and our very own garage were just the cherry on top.

The location – As they put it in Toronto Life, Leslieville “has a lot going for it”.  The generous amount green space, access to the Beaches, endless boutiques stores, and last but not least…

The food – This is a biggie.  Queen St. is dotted with chic restaurants, gourmet grocers and healthier food fare from places like:

  • Pulp Kitchen – Casual full-service restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian wraps, salads, brunch, smoothies, etc.
  • Rowe Farms – Locally grown, antibiotic-free, organic meats and produce.  No need to run to Rowe Farm’s location at St. Lawrence Market to pick up my eggs and poultry every week.  We’ve almost got them at our door step!
  • LPK’s Culinary Groove – Bakery with organic, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free desserts.  Yippee! 

The countdown is on.  Just two months until we say so long to the west and hello to the east!  

p.s. Let us know if anyone is looking for a 2 bedroom condo!  Haha.

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