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Bringing you to the Brickworks market

May 31, 2010
I made it to the Brickworks Farmer’s Market in Toronto this Saturday morning and wanted to report back on my first market excursion for 2010 (St. Lawrence Market doesn’t count).
Upon arriving, I expected to see loads of people swarming colourful bushels of fruits and vegetables.  I was half right.   The converted brick factory was indeed packed with people.  Yet the tables teeming with multi-coloured produce were nowhere to be found.  

It was almost noon, so I naturally assumed I’d arrived an hour too late, the vendors had sold out and were en route back to the farm.  Then I caught a glimpse of green; a table scattered with bok choy and heads of lettuce.  The truth was then revealed.   I had not been too late.   It was the opposite.  I was too early.  By 3 weeks to be exact. 

Of course!  Farmers only sell what they grow locally and being the end of May, it’s still slim pickin’s for Ontario crops.   We’re so used to seeing a multitude of colours in the Loblaw’s  produce section, we forget the travel required to get them there.  On your next shopping excursion look at the origin for the produce you pick.  Odds are that the apples came from Chile or New Zealand and the bell peppers from Israel. 

Back to the farmer’s market….

Despite the limited produce, there was no shortage of food under this roof.   Sheep and goat cheeses, whole grain baked goods, venison koftas, organic meats and vendors of other local products lined both sides of the building. 

Last year at this time you would find me nibbling at every station, however given my current dairy and wheat restrictions, my options were limited.   I meandered my way around and I found more than enough to suit my diet and my taste buds.

It started with the venison kofta on a skewer for $3.5o a piece.  Yum!   Then a concoction of salads and stews from Hearty Catering.  Yum again.  It was worth the wait in this line.

Basically, you pick a plate size and they fill it up with your choice from 10 to 15 vegetarian dishes.  I had the lentil veggie salad, fennel and apple slaw, fiddle head salad, quinoa salad and I can hardly remember the rest.  Six dollars later I was beyond stuffed.

Although, I still had room for a gluten-free, dairy-free apple date muffin for $3.50 from Pimenton

I may have left the market with a few empty reusable shopping bags, but leaving with a full tummy was a fair trade.

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  1. Eva permalink
    June 6, 2010 12:28 pm

    Just discovered your blog! It’s really informative and is making me very hungry! Keep up the great work! Isn’t Toronto fantastic for it’s food selection and organics choices! However, you should drive up to St. Jacob’s Market in Waterloo sometime. Spending a full day, buying local fruit, veggies and herbs…I thought I was the only one who loved doing that!
    I’m glad you are happy and healthy!
    Take care of yourself!

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