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Guess who’s rocking the review charts!

June 14, 2010

 Do you mind if I use this post to do a little bragging?  Hope not, because here it goes….

You may have noticed this widget on the right menu bar and wondered what it is.    

Me. Myself. And Food Toronto restaurants  

Lately I have been posting my restaurant reviews to Urbanspoon, a restaurant and review website focusing on major North American cities.  Urbanspoon is one of the best from my perspective because it’s so comprehensive.  Menus, maps, reviews from a variety of critics, bloggers as well as the average joe all in one spot.  The more popular restaurants also have a ranking based on how many people give it the thumbs up…or down.  

Here’s where real the bragging comes in…

I was posting one of my reviews last week when I came across the same widget in my profile.  Curiousity struck, so I clicked on it and up popped a list of 60 food bloggers.  My eyes scanned the list and there she was…Me. Myself. And Food. was ranked # 14!  I had over 1000 views in just a few weeks.    

Urbanspoon Leaderboard

My goal is to get into the top 10.   I don’t win a prize for it or anything.  It’s purely for self-satisfaction and to earn me more bragging rights.   No question, I’ve got a looong way to go and a lot of eating out to do.   Once I get there, we’ll talk about my next feat.  Not sure I’ll get close to #1 in this lifetime.   That’s alright.   BiteMe deserves first place for the name alone.  Love it.

So keep an eye on that yellow box and cheer me on!

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