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Gluten-free and feeling lucky? Enter this contest!

June 22, 2010

Gluten-Free Mike is one of the blogs I follow and he’s celebrating his 1 year anniversary.  Congrats if you’re reading this!  As a token of appreciation to his readers (that’s me), he’s giving away a basket of gluten-free “treats” to a lucky winner.  Since I’m a “reader”, by association you are too:)   So go ahead and enter!   Just your full name and email address are required.   

If you win…I deserve a box of GF crackers or something for passing it along. 

If you don’t win….you still “win”!

  • You will get to see 18 gluten-free products suggested by the GF expert himself.  He has a list of all the products in the prize pacakage.  I’m looking into which ones are available in Canada.
  • You are showing your support for the Haiti FEED Projects.  Each package comes in a FEED Haiti bag which provide relief to those affected by the horrific earthquake earlier this year.  This bag provides 50 meals for school children in Haiti.

Good luck!

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