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Flatbreads from Good Food Conspiracy

September 4, 2010

I took every opportunity this summer to escape from the city and get a breath of fresh air in cottage country.   I’m addicted.  I witness myself transition from “stressed-out Danielle” to “relaxed Danielle” during the 3 hour drive north every time.  Deadlines and to-dos are left somewhere along hwy 400.

As much as I’d love to spend every waking moment on a lake away from the hustle and bustle that comes with “home”, we stayed in town a handful of weekends this summer.   Luckily, I got some reprieve through other means.  Food.

This is one of those weekends.  We decided to spend the next 3 days transitioning our new place from “just moved in” to “livable” status.   In case you didn’t catch it, we are forgoing the last of the long weekends to spend time cleaning, unboxing, and wandering the aisles of Home Depot.  

I’m anxiously and impatiently waiting for Keith to wake up so we can kick-off the weekend of gluttony with our first brunch in Leslieville (the brunch capital of Toronto as I understand it).   My heavy typing (on purpose) and growling stomach are going unnoticed, so moving to plan B as soon as I’m done here. 

 A few weeks ago I raved about the ‘creamiest hummus’ from Good Food Conspiracy.  I neglected to tell you this but I recently picked up their kale pesto (amazing), more creamy hummus and another variety of their flatbreads.  I was just wasting time scouring the web and came across this – a listing of all their flatbreads and the respective ingredients. 

I’m loving the Group of 7-Grain Crackers.  Personally preferred over Van Gogh’s although both are good.   The 7-Grain goes fabulously with their pesto.   In their words….

Impasto Pesto a kale-arugula-basil-spinach blend.  Slather this delish green paste on the plump in-season tomatoes! Available with pinenuts/black walnuts or nut-free/with hemp. Try this chunky calcium-rich raw con artist! Vegan & organic.

Contact info included in the above if you’re interested in giving any of their products a shot.  They deliver! 

Oh, there seems to be some movement from Keith.  Gotta run.  It’s time to eat!

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