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Ice Cream Dilemma Solved

September 21, 2010

Living in Leslieville does have its downsides.  One that comes to mind is the distance to Kensington Market.  Specifically the 20 minute drive to Hibiscus Cafe (which  used to be a 20 minute walk from King West) and their delectable coconut milk ice cream.  This is the 3rd post I’ve written on the topic, so I can only guess what you’re thinking.  “Enough with the ice cream at Hibiscus!  We get it – you’re addicted It’s time to move on and write about something else“.  

My response would be “I beg youPlease let me share one last important thing.  Then I promise that I will not mention the “H” word again until next summer.  I’ll keep this one short and sweet (no pun intended)” 

We were there last weekend grabbing lunch and a cup of my favourite raspberry ice cream.  I wasn’t necessarily craving it at that particular moment, yet the devil on my shoulder was incessantly reminding me that it would be at least another month before we’d be back.  So I should get my fill now while I had the chance. 

Twist my rubber arm.  I ordered myself a cup, at which point I was thinking “If only I could take a vat of this stuff home“.  I must have been thinking out loud, because  the guy behind the cash held up an empty container and said “I can fill this for $7“. 

Tub of Hibiscus Ice Cream


So there you go.  Hibiscus sells their ice cream in 500 ml containers and you can mix and match.  As you can see, that’s exactly what we did.  A mix of their blueberry and raspberry-flavoured coconut milk ice cream.  

It’s been a week and miraculously we still have some still sitting in our freezer.  But not for long.  I’m headed that way right now.

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