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Live Gluten-Free Crackers with a Kick

October 20, 2010

Looking for a little spice in your life?   Toss that box of Ritz crackers and have one of these instead. 

Live Food Bar – Spicy Nori Crackers


Every time I make a trip to the health food store, I usually walk away with a new (and often foreign looking) treat.   A few months ago I discovered the “Spicy Nori” Crackers.  To my surprise, and maybe yours as well, Live Organic Food Bar is more than just an eatery.  They also prepare and sell packaged products such as these. 

Being larger than the than average “cracker” and high in protein means just half is sufficiently satiating.  They are quite substantial so it’s surprising, yet comforting, to know that only 7 ingredients go into this hearty snack – sunflower seeds, garlic and onion to name the primary ones.  Not to mention that they are organic, raw, gluten-free and nut-free.   What more could a health nut ask for in a cracker!    

The triangular treats are also layered on one side with nori (the same stuff they wrap sushi rolls with) which is the cherry on top for seaweed lovers like myself.  

The cayenne pepper gives it one heck of a kick.  Don’t let the innocent “Happy Inside! Happy Outside!” messaging on the package lead you to believe otherwise.   Cayenne is an effective remedy for digestive tract ailments such as stomach cramps, as well as increasing body temperature and blood circulation.  With the imminent winter weather I’d keep the Spicy Nori crackers at arm’s length for when your circulation needs a jolt.  One piece will warm you up quickly:)

 The Live Food Bar crackers go for $6.69  at Essence of Life Organics in Kensington Market (they tend to have some of the best prices and selection).

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