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How do you say “no” to FREE ice cream?

October 27, 2010

It’s impossible, as I learned tonight.  Even when you’re on a dairy-free diet like myself.

Ed’s Real Scoop was offering FREE kiddie cups of ice cream this evening after 5pm.   When I caught wind of this,  I took a detour down Queen Street East on my way home from work just to “check it out”.   I was kidding myself.   I don’t just “check out” ice cream and walk away empty-handed.  Especially when it doesn’t cost a dime. 

I knew I was going to cave when I approached Ed’s and saw customers joyfully licking their kiddie cups clean.  If I was going to cave tonight, I was going to do it right.   So I went for their best-selling flavour, Burnt Marshmallow (which by the way, has no marshmallow at all) and balanced that with their “healthier” Raspberry Yogurt as an attempt to make myself feel a little better about my indulgence.  Both were HEAVENLY and I savoured every last bite. 

Ed's Real Scoop Ice Cream

 TIP:   If you go for the Burnt Marshmallow, make sure the scoopers get a few of the toffee swirls in your cup.  Otherwise you might as well go for plain ol’ vanilla.

The ice cream is gone and the guilt has arrived, with no intention of leaving anytime soon.  I’m guilt-ridden for the obvious reason – I ditched my diet for immediate gratification – a free ice cream – which means that I will have to go back to square one on the 3 week Elimination Diet.   PLUS I feel like I’m cheating on my favourite dairy-free ice cream place, Hibiscus.  Maybe I should make a trip there this weekend to ease the pain 🙂

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