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This little piggy goes back to the gym

November 13, 2010

Over the past 3 months I have been to the gym less than TEN times.  For someone who’s worked out religiously for over TEN years, this is a BIG deal.  Surprisingly, I adjusted to this new idle lifestyle quite easily.  Ditching my gym membership came with a few perks…not having to wake up before sunrise, fewer loads of laundry and an extra $60 in my wallet every month.

The limited number of fitness establishments in our new area was part to blame for the extended hiatus.  So to keep my sanity I’ve been walking to work periodically (from Leslieville to King and Bay), going for a handful of jogs and playing Ultimate Frisbee once a week.  Just no visits to a gym.

The other day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed I was looking a little “softer”.  I have curves where I never used to, and where curves just aren’t meant to be on this body.    I haven’t put on weight but that doesn’t matter, because we all know muscle weighs more than fat.   Or more precisely, muscle is denser than fat.  So I have less of the former (muscle) and more of the latter (fat).  Guess I need to do some work to get that bikini body for my Caribbean Cruise in January.

It was then that I began my search for a gym in neighbourhood.   There was the Mayfair Club which does a nice job weeding people out with their absurd pricing ($900 initiation + $115 monthly fee).  At that price, it would need to come out of my “food” budget which is not an option.   Then there’s GoodLife Fitness and System Fitness which are about a 20 minute walk.   Reality is that every minute of travel reduces my likelihood of going by 4%.  Do the math and you’ll see why I omitted these two options.

The other option was The Training Room on Carlaw Ave.


Yes, it’s in a plaza.  The facility may look tiny from the picture above, but behind those doors is 13,000 square feet of space.

The reviews describe this gym as “bare bones”, “in pretty bad shape”, having “seen better days”.   I popped in there once and I’ll admit, it’s no GoodLife.  On the other hand, being a 5 minute walk from home was appealing.  So I geared up and gave it a fair shot tonight.   Little did I know that after a painful 45 minute workout I would walk out a member of this shoddy neighbourhood gym.

"The Training Room" Promotion

The have a 2 for 1 promotion until November 28th which is just too good to be true.  Both Keith and I can sign up for the price of a single membership!  So that works out to $23.62 per month per person.  That’s less than half of what I was paying at GoodLife and the gym isn’t all that bad.  The cardio equipment could use some updating, the water fountain runs endlessly and some of the walls are cracked, but at this price I will look past it.

Aside from the price, this place has a few other benefits:

  • A bunch of cardio equipment and at least one of every machine I need
  • It’s quiet, so there’s no waiting in line for a machine
  • A TON of magazines and a good variety of them (a must have to make my cardio fly by)
  • 6 TVs running decent stations (I caught Dr Oz while I was there )
  • Fitness classes (including Yoga) which are included
  • Friendly front desk staff

Plus they are under new management and are already making changes.  A website rehaul is one of the them (trust me, they need it).   They’ve also brought in some new equipment and weights.   So if you’re looking for a bare essentials gym in the Leslieville or Riverdale neighbourhood you should give The Training Room a try.

Here are a few pics of the facility (I’m hoping I don’t get into trouble for this):

Cardio room

The room above the TVs is where they have their fitness and yoga classes.

Weight room

What you can’t see here are the free weights which are off to the right side.  That’s where I’ll spend most of my time.

Ladies' bathroom

It’s not the best-looking bathroom I’ve ever since, but I don’t plan on spending that much time in there.

Overall, it’s not as bad as the reviews (and myself) might make it out to be. In the end, you get what you pay for and that’s the bare essentials at The Training Room.

Ok, this little piggy is tired from her workout and ready for bed.  Goodnight!


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