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Deal Alert: GoodLife 30-day membership

November 14, 2010

It’s a done deal.  You’re looking at the newest member of The Training Room who just committed to a measly $24 per month gym membership.  Beat that!  

I made it in for another workout today despite my slow recovery from Friday.   I’m still in pain from my sequence of lunges.  The bitter-sweet exercise that hurts like hell at the time, yet delivers the best results…in other words, delayed gratification.    On my way out this afternoon, I snuck a few photos of the 13,000 sq foot space when no one was looking.  They are posted here.

Speaking of dirt cheap gym memberships, GoodLife Fitness is trying to reel in a few more members with their limited time offer on Groupon.

 The Deal:  $22 for a 30-Day Membership to GoodLife Fitness. 

They are claiming a $99 value for this Groupon but I imagine that’s specifically for those paying month-to-month (my monthly fee was just north of $50 for an annual membership). 

So if you’re looking for a gym with a little more esthetic appeal than The Training Room, then I would take advantage of this.  A good opportunity to try the GoodLife in your neighbourhood.  Unless you want to lose a friend or significant other, I wouldn’t recommend this as a gifting idea as they have on the Groupon site.  Wine and chocolate are the better choice. 

Only 1 day and 8 hours remaining for this deal.  No pressure.   Tick-tock-tick-tock…

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