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CrossFit Boot Camp – Damn those Double Unders

December 13, 2010

We made it through another workout this morning. The hardest part just might have been the walk over to the CrossFit gym. It felt like minus 20 out there and I was sure I was going to end up with frostbite.

Aside from the walk in the bitter cold, learning how to do Double Unders (skipping at twice the speed) was equally challenging.  Here’s how it’s done (which is much harder than this guy makes it look):

I was mildly irritated because Keith nailed it the first time around and our trainer kept using him as “the example”.    On the other hand, I was a disaster.  I kept tripping on my rope, whipping myself with it (that doesn’t sound very good, does it?) and couldn’t get past two consecutive Double Unders.   After class, everyone was packing up and stretching but not I.   I couldn’t leave without proving to myself that I could get past.   When I finally reached 5 reps I called it quits…for today.

Apparently they were snapping a few photos of us during our workout today and posted them on the CrossFit Facebook site.  I’m happy to see that the photos are quite blurry and taken from the back.  I prefer not to captured in a photo at 7am while in the middle of a pull-up.  I’m the one in the blue, Keith is on the left. 

Here was the workout for today: 

  • 20 Double Unders
  • 15 Pull-Ups (I did assisted pull-ups with the rubber bands)
  • 10 Squats with a medicine ball (We had to toss up a 4 lb ball with every squat.  You can see me picking it up in one of the photos)

It was probably the easiest workout (or rather the least difficult) so far.   I’m sure we’ll make up for it tomorrow.


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