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CrossFit – A Walk to Remember (or Forget)

December 24, 2010

Three weeks down, one week to go, but CrossFit Boot Camp isn’t getting any easier.   We’ve progressed from a 10 minute intense workout to 20 minutes of hell, give or take.   The workouts are usually broken up into two, so you have a few minutes in between to catch your breath and find the stamina to take on more.  

Here’s a snapshot of one of our more dreadful days.

The 1st workout:

This one we did “for time”.  That means we attempted to complete 3 rounds of the following 3 exercises in the fastest time possible.   After each workout, the trainers write everyone’s name with their respective times on a whiteboard, clearly stating who sucks and who doesn’t suck as much.   This structure obviously brews competitiveness among the boot campers.  No one wants to be the one on the board with the slowest time so there’s the motivation to work harder.   The workout for Wednesday included: 

  • Run 200 meters or do 40 double-unders (skipping) – We had the option to choose between the two, which sounds great…at first.  But at 7am, when it’s black and -15 degrees outside, sprinting down the street is not appealing.  Neither are FORTY double-unders (DUs) when you can only get a few consecutive ones out at a time.  It could take a lifetime (thankfully, the “DU attempts” counted).  I chose to do one run outside and skip for the remaining two rounds. 
  • 12 dumbbell squat thrusters – One of my least favourite exercises.  It’s a squat with 15 pound dumbbells in each hand, combined with a quick shoulder press on the way back up.  
  • 9 pull-ups – So I cheat a little and use one of the assisted bands as you know.  BUT for this workout I challenged myself and downgraded to the black band (which has much less tension, so you’re lifting more of your body weight).  

I think I finished up at around 11 minutes.  I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the last one, so my pride remained in tact when he noted our times on the board.  Once we recouped, our trainer asked us a pivotal question.  “Are you up for more?”.  Our response (“Yes”) was the wrong one. 

The 2nd workout :

This one was called “A Walk to Remember”.   Mandy Moore and chick-flicks may come to mind at first, but that association changes quickly.  Especially when you find out that “the walk” consists of 450 walking lunges!!   Seeing that we’re still amateurs to CrossFit, our trainer had us do half (225 consecutive lunges) which is still unfathomable.   My legs were crying by the time I hit 90.  I don’t know how I managed to get through all, but it was done.  We then stumbled and swaggered our way home.

You’d think they would give us and our legs a break the next day, but that was wishful thinking.  We did more squats and more lunges.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us, the “no pain, no gain” philosophy applies here.

Since it’s my mom’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Mom!!) we skipped our Boot Camp class this morning to be home with the family and scope out wedding venues in Ancaster (which is equally as painful as CrossFit).

So I have a few things to be thankful for this Christmas:  family, friends, food and freedom (from CrossFit for a few days).  Did I mention food?

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