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Second time is a charm – Big Mamma’s Boy

February 6, 2011

Everyone deserves a second chance.  A mediocre experience with Big Mamma’s Boy wasn’t enough for me to write off the Cabbagetown restaurant for good.  Being one of few gluten-free restaurants in the area, we have to keep our options open. 

Last summer we placed our first delivery order with Big Mamma’s.  My parents were over so we thought we’d treat them to dinner.   It turned out not to be much of a treat at all.  The gluten-free pizza was overcooked and rock hard.  This was no Gino’s pizza. However the manager at the time was kind enough to offer us a credit towards a future order, which I forgot about until last week.

The new manager was very appreciative that we “came back to give them another try” and made sure we were taken care of.  The delivery came within 45 minutes as promised, despite the condition of the roads on Thursday. 


 Pizza – Keith and I took a chance and re-ordered the “Big Mamma” pizza.  This was the same one that gave a jaw cramps back in September.   I had faith that Big Mamma would pull through for us this time.   After the first, nerve-racking bite, we both nodded our heads and sighed with relief.  It was much, MUCH better than what we experienced the first time.  The gluten-free crust was edible (which doesn’t necessarily give them bonus points, but had to point it out).  The toppings were fabulous.  The extra pesto sauce may have helped keep the crust moist.  This time I could focus more on the flavours of the artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken and goat cheese.  Mmmm.  As the evening progressed, the crust became a little harder (but still edible).  At which point, we decided to finish off the last few slices.  We would hate for it to go to waste.   Let’s not forget that this is still gluten-free crust which is a little denser than the wheat variety.  Be prepared for that.  In the end, Keith gave it two different rankings.  For gluten-free pizzas, it got a 9/10!   In comparison to all pizzas, he gave it a 6.5 out of 10.  My rating was an 8. 

I can’t seem to find the photo I took, but you can still see it in the previous post (the pizza looks exactly the same).

Yellow Chicken Curry –  I felt bad about having them deliver a complementary pizza so I added this to the order.  I also wanted a bit more protein with our meal and the curry caught my eye.    Knowing that they use naturally raised poultry (from Rowe Farms) sealed the deal.  Pizza and curry – one heck of a combo.  The container was filled with a milder curry sauce which was good, but I found myself fishing for the chicken.  For $16 I would expect more substance – I think I counted 10 pieces (yes I counted, for your benefit).   As for flavour, I’m a green curry gal so I prefer a bit more spice, but I realize yellow is supposed to be tame. 

Yellow Chicken Curry

A side of brown basmati rice and sautéed spinach also came with the curry.  I combined all 3 with some steamed broccoli for lunch the next day.   I gave it a 6.9/10.  

Basmati rice and sauteed spinach

Would I go back/order again? 

Yes, I would but I won’t become a regular.  Call me cheap, but the $25 price tag seems a little outrageous for a medium 8-sliced pizza.  That’s $20 plus $5 for gluten-free crust (who would have though you had to pay a premium for crust that’s dense enough to damage to your teeth).   I have to remind myself, that’s the price for quality ingredients (being organic and local where possible).

For more info on Big Mamma’s check out my previous post.

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