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Who’s up for a Foodie Fight?

February 6, 2011

I was just rummaging through my closet and came across one of wonderful the Christmas gifts from my sister-in-law-to-be (thanks Leigh!).   I recall unwrapping the present and thinking “this was made for me”.   I LOVE board games (particularly the ones I’m good at) and I LOVE anything associated with food (shocker!).  Foodie Fight is a clever combination of both. 

Foodie Fight

This board game is the perfect gift for any foodie like moi.   It incorporates trivia questions which range in difficulty and touch on a variety of topics.  The type of questions you’ll see:

  • Which reality TV show used African cave spiders, maggots and “gross” cow parts (before mad cow concerns) in contestant food stunts?
  • Which part of the apple contains higher level of antioxidants – the skin or the flesh?
  • What female British novelist said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”?  (I couldn’t agree more!)

With questions like the above, our non-foodie friends are less likely to get the urge to stab us with a fork two minutes into the game (that’s if they agree to participate).  

As soon as I uncovered the game this morning, I ran upstairs and started pegging Keith with questions.  He was engaged for the first few rounds (clearly just to appease me), then I noticed his eyes glazing over.   So I retreated back downstairs, planted myself on the couch and spent the last 30 minutes playing solo.  I won!  😉

Well, we’re off to a Superbowl party tonight and the Foodie Fight may be coming along for the ride.  The hope is that after everyone consumes a few beers they’ll agree to playing a round or two.   A lofty dream that is likely to get crushed.

Oh and I can’t leave you hanging.  Answers to the above are:

  • Fear Factor
  • The skin
  • Virginia Woolf

If you answered any of the above incorrectly, your penalty is….an hour of playing the Foodie Fight with me:)

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