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Read This: The Paleo Solution

February 21, 2011

Call me a nerd, but I love my nutrition books.  While the people around seem to be reading “Water for Elephants” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“, I’m curled up on my couch engrossed in books like “An Apple a Day” and “Coconut Oil Miracle.  See, I’m a geek. 

My latest read was “The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet” but here’s the thing…my memory recall stinks.  I got the essence of what the book was trying to say, but I couldn’t reiterate the key takeaways.  So I’m re-reading the book, this time highlighting and taking notes. N-E-R-D!  

Then I had a thought.  I should review these books here and make my ‘reading time’ worthwhile. 

So here we go…my first attempt at a book review!

THE AUTHOR:  Robb Wolf.  He’s a research biochemist turned strength coach.  Suffering from depression, colitis, insomnia, digestive problems, etc., he learned that his deteriorating health was in part due to the role of grains and legumes in his diet.  It was then he became his own guinea pig and started to investigate our evolution.  Robb adopted the “Paleo diet” and saw immediate changes, enough to jump off the vegetarian bandwagon and go Paleo exclusively.  His story gave me faith in what I was about to read.  Heck, he had me at “research biochemist”. 

THE BOOK – IN A NUTSHELL:   The Paleo Solution is an attempt to knock some sense into the human race and the way we eat.  As Robb states, what’s ‘common’ is accepted as ‘normal’:  the elderly reliant on their walkers, overweight kids, diseases, discomfort, drugs to get through the day.  Instead of asking ‘why’, we’ve taken the easy route – not owning up to how we treat our bodies and blaming the above on genetics.   The truth of the matter is that our genetics are virtually the same as they were 120,000 years ago.  On the flip side, the way we eat and the way we move has changed dramatically since the agricultural evoloution, but our bodies have yet to adapt.  Robb is telling us that we should be mimicking the lifestyle of our ancestors.  Not great-grandpa, but rather our early ancestors from thousands of years ago.  

  • Back then, they ate wild game, fish, poultry, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits.
  • Today, we eat processed meats, dairy, grains, legumes, sugar with a smidgen of veggies.  An exaggeration, but not far from the truth.

So what?

  • Our ancestors had no cavities, no nearsightedness, no bone malformations, low infant mortality, no degenerative diseases (cancer, diabetes, etc).
  • Our modern society suffers from all of the above.


THE GOLDEN NUGGETS:  If what you’ve read thus far hasn’t convinced you to invest $20 in this book, then I should stop writing book reviews.  Or you could just click below for my top 10 takeaways from the book.

Paleo Solution – Book Review – 10 Takeaways



  • You think you are healthy (or know you’re not).  This book will slap you upside the head and make you think twice about having that whole wheat bun everyday. 
  • You’re up for a health challenge but need to understand the rationale behind this “solution”.  Robb arms you with the science to give you faith and the tools to execute on his advice (workouts, menus, and recipes for the 30-day challenge).
  • Eating salmon or steak for breakfast doesn’t make your stomach turn. 



The content of the book can get quite deep at times but Robb has a knack for making it digestible for us lay people.  The titles for each section are clever and if you have any sense of humour, you’ll be chuckling out loud and people will think you’re crazy.  Case in point on page 49….”Digestion:  From Your Pie Hole to Your Hoo-Ha in 453 Easy Steps“.  C’mon, that’s funny!



I’m taking on the 30-day challenge and reliving the cavemen days (I refuse to forgo the use of utensils though)!  Robb alluded the potential causes for a number of health issues, including a few of my own (anemia, digestive issues, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, etc).  This was enough for me to at least give the Paleo lifestyle a shot.  

Follow along over the next month and cheer us on.  Keith is coming along for the ride (now that’s true love).


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