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Hi there. My name is Danielle.  I’m a marketer by day and a foodie by morning/day/night.

A little about me

I was born and raised in the Hamilton area with my Italian family (which may have something to do with my love for food).  As a kid, the joke at family gatherings was always “look for the food and you’ll find Danielle”.   Who’s kidding who?  Things haven’t changed much.  I still spend a lot of time eating, thinking and talking about food.

Me in my element (minus the fries)

So to salvage my relationships with family and friends, this site will be my personal outlet for all things food and health.  Here’s what you can expect…

Recipes with a healthy twist – I could spend hours searching the internet or recipe books for the next meal idea…and I often do.  So no need for you to waste your precious time.  Just show up here every now and again for a glimpse at what I’ve cooked up in this condo kitchen of mine.   I tend to work late so am naturally drawn to simple and healthy recipes with few ingredients.   I can’t spend every waking hour in the kitchen or I’ll be single with 10 cats in no time.

Restaurants through my lens – Eating out is one of my favourite things to do (I’d opt for a full belly over new shoes any day).  One of my pain points with restaurant review sites is that top-notch typically equates to top-priced and small portions on big plates.  This equation doesn’t jive with my Italian appetite or my wallet.  Cheap & cheerful is my motto.   My personal mission — to visit a different restaurant every time I venture out for some food with a focus on the hidden gems around the city (not the top 10 you see in every local publication).   I’ll be the guinea pig and you get to come along for the ride.

Health Tips & Tricks – As you can see, I have a passion for food but the other half of me is equally interested in health, fitness, nutrition and wellness.   I’ve been accumulating a variety of  ‘good for me’ tidbits through all of my reading, courses, and conversations with experts in one of the above fields.  All of which I will start to share here.  Again, why keep it to myself when others can benefit.  If at anytime you question the content, please let me know and I will do by best to get you answers.

So in a few words, this blog is all about me, myself and food.

Need to contact me?  Just email

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  1. March 29, 2011 8:18 pm

    Oooooh I’m excited to follow your blog! I love my Italian friends – we definitely share a special love for food!! (I am Mediterranean – Greek! and worked at an Italian deli for 5 years – best food EVER though maybe not the healthiest!) Excited to read your restaurant reviews too, I’m a fellow foodie for sure!

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